Home Cleaning
Leave it up to us

What’s included?

We offer simple flat pricing based on the size of the home given the number of bedrooms. All flat rate pricing includes your bedrooms, kitchen, common areas and one bathroom.

Magic Housecleaning does not yet offer steam cleaning, laundry, or post-construction cleaning services. To protect your belongings, we do not move heavy furniture or polish floors. For health and safety, we cannot clean pet excrement or bodily fluids, mold, or other biohazards, outside areas, fireplaces or the exterior of windows.

Need something not shown below? Let us know when you book.





What’s included in a move-in or move-out cleaning?

Moving in and want the place fresh and new? Or moving out and want your deposit back? Choose a move-in or move-out clean when you book. Please make sure you’ve cleared the cabinets and moved out the furniture before the cleaners arrive.

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